sick and sound EP

by Butterfly Bandage

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butterfly bandage is mackenzie morris


released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: drown
all the words i write about
how i’m not satisfied
and how i want to die
how i can’t sleep at night
how i’m too weak to fight
but how at least i tried
and all the ways i lie
both in bed and to your face right into your eyes

tell me that

if i can’t get out now
(fucking get out now)
the least i can do is try not to drown

i heard the things you told me about yourself
about how you are afraid of help
about how you are only useless well
no one has to be there for me
except for you
and i fucking wish that that was true
for everyone but it’s not but it’s not
you’re the one i run to
the tragedy’s we don’t know what’s enough
Track Name: ✓ seen
no luck yet
i’m very powerful but need my bed rest
there is no pain that i do not expect but
like cellophane wishing that it was glass
it still pierces right through me whoa
and my power might be all in my head
cause i’m so small when i’m sleeping in bed
and when you’re there you’re at least just as strong
and i don’t know if it feels right or wrong
sometimes it’s the other way around
when i’m good and you’re feeling down
the power dynamics are always unsound
whoa whoa
still i can’t help but feel somewhat safe
i’ll settle for what i can fucking take
there’s no way i’ll wait til i’m not insane
but my mental illness is not my name whoa

can you hurt my feelings right
still i won’t blame you tonight
i like when you’re the last goodbye
so i can leave your messages on seen
which is less scary
cause you are where my self-worth lies
i really wish i didn’t need to try
and i really just felt alright
it would be cool if you and me
could just be close and happy
Track Name: pronouns
i don’t know what you’ll say to me
when i try to explain my pronouns
i don’t know what you’ll say to me
when i explain that i am not male
i don’t know what you’ll say to me
when you find out that i am transgender
i don’t know what you’ll say to me
or if you’ll ever wanna talk again at all

they/them or she/her
i prefer they/them
but some people don’t get that
they/them or she/her
you can use she/her for convenience or legibility

she doesn’t want to be exhausted
and she wants to feel safe
she doesn’t want to give up
and she doesn’t wanna die at a young age

it passes through me it passes through me it passes through me
Track Name: co-conspirators
i don’t know exactly how i feel about you
just kidding
i know exactly how i feel about you
i just don’t have the words to fully articulate it
nothing’s full anyway
i don’t want to be full anyway
i might be full one day
when i die
but i’m not dead
and you’re waiting for me to explain what i said
so i’ll try

i only wanna be
your co-conspirator
we’ll make conspiracies
but good ones good ones
to fight the enemy
with the bigger conspiracies
we’ll be the underdog
who no one saw coming but in the end won

would you like to be
my co-conspirator
to make conspiracies
such good ones good ones
take on the enemy
with the bigger conspiracies
we’ll make good underdogs
full of passion and worship of love