i wanna be a cat (single)

by Butterfly Bandage

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life is cold
life is painful
sometimes not
but all that's good is still cruel
there's no ethical way to be alive
but I want so badly to try
to be a force for something nice
but I'm so tired and I'm not alright

I wanna be a cat
I wanna die young
and I wanna be loved
bc of what I am
don't wanna ever say a single word again
wouldn't need to do a thing to help my friends
but sit with them
bc of what I am

I wanna be a cat
don't wanna go to school
don't wanna get a job
just wanna play and sleep
turn my mind off
I don't wanna last

and when I die just put me down with that nice painless stuff
I'll never be an adult
and I will always be loved

If I grow old
and be faithful
to my g-d
and to my friends and to the people
I will have tried against the odds to stay alive
when I've wanted so badly to die
will I be a force for something nice
will I be tired and will I be alright


released September 18, 2015
cat by sage grey



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